Friday, October 29, 2004

Fantasy Fest swirls the island.

This week Key West is in the midst of celebrating Fantasy Fest, the week long mardi-gras/bawdy carnival. After this years hurricane season, locals are welcoming the fall festival's crowds and their dollars.
Just using the term Fantasy Fest is in question as the TDC (tourist development council) has expressly warned everyone that even using the term is an ifringement of their copyright.
Today is the masquarade march, which the locals parade along two different routes throughout Old Town and end up on Duval. As the procession goes by, many hop off their front porches and join the saunter.
Tomorrow is the "big day", with a big sponsored parade on Duval, where beads and boobs are the hot commodity.
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Cayo Dave said...

For a little background, Fantasy Fest began twenty-odd years ago to bring in visitors during the islands "slow season". Today it is big business, with many revelers (75,000) showing up for the big Saturday parade.