Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Key West Pirate Soul Museum

Well the glorification of the pirate has been taken to new levels with Key West's newest attraction. Self-help guru Pat Croce has opened Pirate Soul, apparently a lifelong dream. Sporting a collection of maritime & pirate artifacts from centuries of history, the museum/attraction displays them in a Disney-esque setting complete with an animatronic head of Black Beard and the obligatory loop of "pirate sounds". Everything is really well done, no doubt about it. And kids will appreciate the exhibits.
But am I the only one who considers honoring pirates strange? Weren't they just a bunch of murderous thugs? And isn't piracy still a serious problem to sailors in many parts of the world?

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p i r 8 g i r l said...

thanks for writing about and linking us, dave. not so much honoring as teaching about pirates. what can i say, murderous thugs are intriguing? -owner, pirate soul museum