Thursday, February 03, 2005

Key West Fantasty Fest

Well the party of the year, Key West Fantasy Fest, is still over six months away, but it's a good time to mention it. By the time the Halloween week is near, every hotel on the island is sold out. So for those of you planning on visiting us at our bawdiest, start looking at Key West hotels soon.
And what about costumes? I can't ever seem to come up with anything good by the time rolls around. Though through the year I think about it, and am reasonably sure that I'll come up with something, I've really failed these past few years. I usually blame the vague themes. I mean, how do you dress for "Delerious Dreams and Hillarious Screams"? There was a time a decade ago that the themes were easy to join in: "TV Jeebies" was a particularly good one.
This year should be different. The theme is "Freaks, Geeks, and Goddesses". Now I just have to pick one.

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