Thursday, March 03, 2005

Large Numbers of Dolphin are Stranding in the Florida Keys

Over ninety rough-toothed dolphins are stranding in the Florida Keys since yesterday. Many of the dolphin are young calves, some under 1 year old. Officials have reported that in canals and nearshore flats of the island of Marathon, many dolphin are struggling to survive. Marathon is an island located in the middle of the chain of the Keys. Local residents have been working round the clock to help the dolphins. Many of the mammals are weak and unable to keep from drowning, so volunteers are cradling the dolphin and keeping their blowholes above water.
Today and last night are chilly, with lows last night of 62 degrees farenheit. This in not very cold for dolphins, and I wouldn't think that it caused the stranding. More likely is some sort of virus or a toxic algal bloom. This year, another large bloom has been reported forming north of the Keys and stretching to the south of Tampa. Fishermen have reported a lack of fish and unhealthy conditions in the algal blooms.
Here is a link to the local paper's story about the dolphin stranding.
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Keys Treasures said...

Volunteers are needed right now! Ongoing need for volunteers is
anticipated as this effort continues. Volunteers are asked to register by calling MMC, however at this point will be welcome to respond directly to the rehab site.

With 25 dolphins in rehab, a total of 30 Volunteers are needed at any
given shift. At least 12 of those vounteers are in the water offering support to dolphins unable to swim freely, and the rest are in various stages of readiness to get in and take over or offer additional physical support if/when necessary.

THE VOLUNTEER HOTLINE IS OPEN. If the line is busy, please be patient, and keep calling.

VOLUNTEER HOTLINE : 305-451-4774

Please click here
http://www.marinemammalconserv­­.html for
more information about volunteering.

DIRECTIONS TO THE MMC SITE: Take US 1 to Mile Marker 102 in Key Largo, Bay side. Turn in at the Large concrete Bellsouth tower through the gate to the North of the tower down to the site.

veggiegator said...

Theres another view to this problem- LFA Sonar testing done by the military is causing internal hemorraging to the marine mammals. I posted about it on my blog too (March 6, 2005). Heres a link to the March archive page:
Theres a few links on there about the situations with whales stranding themselves too. The stranding is one thing but what the sonar is doing to the marine mammals to make them strand themselves is quite another. Its not too late to bug NATO and the politicians about it (Bush doesn't want to stop the LFA Sonar testing/use), the more the better. I wish I found your blog sooner! I visit KW about once a year and I used to work for the Islamorada area parks in 1998. Keep up the good work!