Saturday, April 09, 2005

Historic Key West documents

The Key West library has a great historian and room devoted to preserving a lot of history about Key West. There I found a fascinating text written in 1912, which appears to the one of the earliest detailed histories of the island.
The Historical Room has a lot more, and I hope to be able to add more of the information for display. For now, check out what I have uncovered at Key West Florida history . From hurricanes, to cigar rolling, and everything in between, it's a fascinating look at the island. Certainly times have changed, and some of the dim-witted mentality from that era may suprise you. Still, it is a commentary of the life, environment, and attitudes of islanders.
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Kristy said...

I LOVE local history (even if it's not local to me). There are so many stories out there to be found. Good luck digging in at the library!