Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pre-Production Photos of MTV Real World Key West House

Here are photos of inside the house MTV is using for the Real World taping. These were pre-production pictures (taken before MTV renovated the house, and before Hurricane Wilma flooded the house) that were part of a website that advertised the property for rent. That website is now unavailable.
Pool & Jacuzzi Indoors
A View From The Water
Enclosed Porch Overlooking Water
Kitchen Area
Another Pool & Jacuzzi Outdoors
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Cayo Dave said...

Just when the comment-spam was getting to the annoying level, Blogger provides a solution (how long has this been around?) Now commenters will notice a "word verification" requirement - an easy task for a human. I hope this is the end of automated comment spam. I mean, if you are going to spam my blog, at least have the decency to do it in person.

Anonymous said...

Pretty fabulous. I wonder how they changed the interior...and how much the storm surge damaged the house.

Are they still around town? You're the only one who reports on what's going on.

How's the tourism business going? Are things picking up since Wilma?

Anonymous said...

These were already posted on and over a month ago.

Cayo Dave said...

Acutally, I had the photos since August of last year, but forgot to post them. Back then I had posted exterior photos and promised to post the interior ones the next day, but forgot.
I believe the Real World production is still being taped in town, because in the local paper the other day it was reported that a "street person" had punched a cameraman while he was filming.