Thursday, December 07, 2006

Praise for Conchette & Her Tampon Blog

I just wanted to post some praise about the great job Chonchette is doing at her blog Tampon Blogger (which stands for "Truman Annex Master Property Owners' News").

I don't know her personally, but I applaud her coverage of the Truman Annex versus the City of Key West battle over the control of Southard Street - a.k.a. the gate issue.

Conchette clearly has some deep connections within Truman Annex, and she has brought to light several documents, for example here and here, that show TAMPOA's position on the gate is not unanimous within the Truman Annex community.

Plus, Conchette has had to suffer the slings of anonymous comment posters who have tried their best to discredit and insult her. I praise her ability to remain level headed and keep the attention on the issues. Good work Conchette.
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