Saturday, August 25, 2007

Photos: Gloria Estefan Free Concert in Key West

Gloria Estefan treated Key West to a free concert as part of a television production for the Univision Network.
The grammy award winning singer sang on the waterfront of a local Key West hotel. Key West is closest point in the United States to her homeland of Cuba.
The concert was part of the debut of Gloria Estefan's new album "90 Millas" - a reference to Key West's nearby island neighbor.
She was backed by her impressive band - with a stage full of percussion - congas, bongos, timbales, and more.
It was a treat to see her, listen to her magnificent, and appreciate the beauty that is inherent in Cuban culture.
Here are photos from the event:

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veggiegator said...

Thats so cool of her! The stage looks like its right about where the guy with the Amazing Cats does his show at the Sunset Festivals. Yes I watch him. ;)