Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pet Halloween Costume Contest in Key West

The annual Pet Masquerade Contest was held at a waterfront Key West hotel last night as part of the weeklong Fantasy Fest celebration.

Once again, the event did not disappoint.

Many contestants signed up with their dogs, cats, and other pets dressed up in imaginative and funny costumes. Being Key West, there was a whole menagerie of animals: lizards, Key West chickens, and even a LIVE lobster!

Enjoy these photos from the event:

The skateboarding Uncle Sam!

The Plaid Hatters take the stage.
A skunky dog costume - ay chihuahua!

Santa's little helper is a crowd favorite.
Pirate dog and owner strutting onstage.

Another Pirate duo - overlooking the Key West harbor.

Watch out geckos! You too GEICO!

Representing the Key West Naval Air Station.

Miss Muffet (with map since she lost her "whey") with spider dog.

Lobster costume with real lobster "pet". Is that melted butter in his pale?

The luck of the Irish...times two!

The Key West Chicken Lady, Kathy Sheehan, with a Key West rooster.

Two ballerinas ready to go onstage.

Florida Seminole football fans.

Always classy, the weimaraner shines in tuxedo.

Playing on the Alice and Wonderland theme of this years Fantasy Fest.

I hope the bigger dogs don't get any ideas.

Tiny chihuahua cowboy and partner.

Nice costumes! Who's the pet?

Have you ever dressed your pet in a costume? What did it look like?

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Dog costumes said...

Haha, the most original has to be the lobster... poor lobster, I wonder if was really a pet or ended up eaten lol