Sunday, November 11, 2007

[PICS] Key West Powerboat Races

The Key West World Championship powerboat races are underway this week.

This is the WORLD championship - the Superbowl of offshore racing.

According to tour promoters, Key West is the favorite venue for offshore powerboat races - allowing fans to watch the races from shore, mingle with the drivers and check out the boats in the nearby pits, and enjoy typically calm racing conditions.

Spectators lined the Key West harbor - from Fort Zachary Taylor State Park to Mallory Square.

Below are photos from one heat of the races. (click on them to see larger versions)

Seeing boats enter the tranquil harbor at over 100 mph, followed by a swarm of helicopters, was stunning. Congratulations to the winners and all the participants. We may never get the Superbowl, but Key West is happy to crown a world champion.
Spectators watching the powerboat races from Mallory Square in Key West.
Race fans watching the action from Mallory Square
Fountain Marine power boat racing in the Offshore Powerboat Championship.
Fountain Marine, always a leader, roaring by.
High speed boats racing past the island Sunset Key in the Key West harbor.
Powerboats racing by Sunset Key in Key West's harbor.
With helicopters overhead, the race begins
The start of a race - the big (and LOUD) boats head offshore.
Power boats speeding past Key West hotel
Speeding by the Westin Resort (formerly the Hilton) at over 100 mph.
Powerboat racing photo picture
Power boat race in Key West underway.

Modern powerboat racer flying into the harbor
Looking like a spaceship, this power boat is nearly as fast.
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