Thursday, August 27, 2009

WOO HOO! Huge Sale On My Favorite Flip Flops - 80% Off w/ FREE SHIPPING

When it comes to footwear, Key West is definitely a flip flop town.

I pretty much live in mine.

My favorite flip flops are made by Simple (sorry Reef sandals).

Simple flip flops are super durable, have a firmer sole than Reef's, and don't succumb to the dreaded flip flop funk (imagine if you kept your kitchen sponge for a year...that's what happens to the squishy reef soles). My first pair of Simple flip flops lasted nearly a year and my feet were super happy.

The only negative is price. You pay for the quality. Simple flip flops are usually around $50 a pair.

But right now, Simple is offering a HUGE sale. I just purchased two pairs of flip flops for 80% off retail price. And the shipping is FREE!

You can check out the sale at:
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