Thursday, April 26, 2012

Parking Meters Removed from Smathers Beach!

Remains of a parking meter.
All parking meters have been removed from South Roosevelt Boulevard, the road adjacent to Smather's Beach, Key West's largest stretch of sandy beach.

The meters were originally installed, to the dismay of many locals, in 1997.  Two years later it was pointed out that the road is actually the property of the State of Florida, and the City of Key West had no permission to install meters and collect fees.  According to reports in 2009, the meters contributed approximately $37,000 to annual revenues for the city.

City workers were today seen hammering down the stumps of what was left of the meter poles, each of which were cut off at ground level.

Parking is now FREE at Smather's Beach.

City workers flattening meter stumps.
Photo of the now meter-less Smather's Beach
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just curious what happened to the revenue collected in 2010-2012. Does the city need to repay this to the state?