Tuesday, August 09, 2005

MTV Real World Coming to Key West

My sources have informed me that the next season's taping of MTV's Real World will be in Key West Florida.
The deal has been signed for the cast members to live on a nearby island called Key Haven - about six miles from Key West. Key Haven is a residential community that is quickly attracting bigger and bigger dollars. Some home that have been built there are owned by some of Key West's biggest names. So, as is usually the custom on Real World, the cast members will likely have an amazing house to live in (just like the real world...right?).
My sources also tell me that the cast members will work on Duval Street at the Pineapple Gallery. I've heard that it might stay a gallery, or it might be converted into a different type of business for the cast members - maybe a tanning salon - as if that's something you need in Key West. Usually, if you want a tan, just walk outside.
One thing seems certain: Key West is a town known for it's excesses and quirky ways. I bet we'll see plenty of sparks flying. Plus, if any of the cast members behave like jack-asses (nah...on MTV?!), our local police will be happy to incarcerate them.
Most likely, they will be embraced by the party atmosphere of the island.
Anything I hear about Real World Key West I'll report here at http://www.keywestchronicle.blogspot.com . Count on seeing some candid photos of the cast and antics.
Stay tuned.
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get pic's when you find the house out