Sunday, August 28, 2005

Upcoming Real World Key West House Photos

I stopped by the house that MTV is preparing for the upcoming Key West season of The Real World.
It is impressive and situated in a neighborhood of very big and expensive homes.

Below is a shot of the street showing the type of homes in the area:

Next, below is a picture of the house, looking at the front gate. The gate is made from parts of airplanes, and the house also has a few more airplane adornments.
Key West houses
The house is made up of two structures - I believe the second structure houses a raquetball court. Here is a picture, below, of the main house, showing a little more of the house (the gate would be to the right in this photo)
Key West Real World
This next photo, below, was taken even further down the front of the house, showing the driveway and the vacant lot next door that is being used for production parking.
Real World Key West
Below is a picture of the tennis court, with the Real World house behind it. This was taken from the street as you first approach the house.
Key West tennis
Want to go inside? Who doesn't! It's pretty amazing and should be a great set for the show. Check back tomorrow, and I'll post photos of the interior.
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Anonymous said...

Want to see inside? Well The Real World Net has discovered the very first interior photos of the new Key West house, taken before MTV and Bunim/Murray Productions leased the property.

The two links below provide about a dozen photos of the house prior to The Real World.

samantha ros'e said...

the real world house is really nice i wish i had a houde to just wastes money on and let other people just live in it whan i could be living in it!