Monday, June 26, 2006

Key West Chronicle Blog Threatened With Libel Lawsuit

Comments have been posted on two posts of mine threatening a libel lawsuit. Here and here.
The posts were in reference to Tom Tukey the president of TAMPOA, and the Truman Annex dispute with the City of Key West.
Seems someone is quite offended by my opinions, and has threatened to sue this blog. Incorrectly, they have published the name of someone with his telephone number in a comment, and threatened to sue. In the words of the anonymous comment poster, " You shall regret what you have done." I am going to immediately remove the comment that contains the phone numbers and name of the person the commenter believes owns the blog.
Let me say, that this blog is my opinion of events that transpire in Key West. Anyone with opinions as to what I should do? Is calling someone a dickhead grounds for libel? What about calling someone an overprivilidged a-hole?
You opinions are appreciated.
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Anonymous said...

your comments like that are foul and show little more than inherent ignorance and poor upbringing. if your arguements are not strong you stoop to slander and name calling. possibly understandable from a 6 year old but certainly not acceptable from someone who at least superficially views himself as a responsible adult.
as tukey is not a recognised public figure you may be at legal risk.

Anonymous said...

good luck but the damage may have already been done

TeeBubba said...

In slander and libel the aggrieved party must be able to prove "he has actually been damaged."..that will be very hard to prove because the readership of most blogs is miniscule.
A former blogger recently lost a libel case in Palm Beach County but she failed to show up to contest the suit..
The jury in her absence awarded the ridiculous sum of $ 11,000,000 in punitive damages but the defendent was already penniless.