Monday, June 26, 2006

WOW! Key West Commissioner Isn't Backing Down To Truman Annex Leadership

This is a must read for those interested in the dispute between Truman Annex and the City of Key West over access to Southard Street, you should read what was published in a local free press - Key West The Newspaper. Here is the link:
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Anonymous said...

this paper is probably the most egregious example of yellow biased journalism i have ever seen anywhere hiding under the cover of a "newspaper".
it is always one sided and never reports news just fans the flames.

Cayo Dave said...

Say what you want about Key West The Newspaper, it doesn't apply here.
But in my opinion, we are a better island (and country) for publications that are willing to stand up for what they believe in and challenge things they believe are wrong. This is the heart of freedom of the press and a major check/balance of our democracy.
The article I referenced was written by Commissioner Lopez, not the paper.

veggiegator said...

Whats the latest on this? Its been a couple months since you posted about it. Ya left me hanging.
Oh, and hope everything goes ok down there during Ernesto! It was earlier predicted to hit Tampa and then come right through Gainesville where I'm at! But I heard today that you all got a lot of wind and rain in the Keys.

Southernmost Commish said...

Thank you Cayo Dave for your support. There is much happening lately, including selectively preventing individuals from entering Truman Annex. Also, we are awaiting the judge's decision on the TAMPOA motion to exclude the Bahama Village Consortium legal team from these procedings. The problem for them, as I see it, is that this sharp team of legal professionals are now part of the city's legal advisors. So... the issues that remain, in fact are: the city's motion to dismiss TAMPOA's lawsuit and the BVC's motion to disclose the information they claim to have proving ownership. On several occasions, TAMPOA has SAID they own the street... There's an old saying that I subscribe to that says "Saying it's so, doesn't make it so." If they had this proof and are truly over this issue as they claim, it would have been produced long before now, and eminent domain would have begun.

mark finkel said...

who is this "southernmost commish"? if it is clayton lopez why doesn't he identify himself rather than using an alias? doesn't he believe in what he writes?