Thursday, October 26, 2006

Funny! Key West Pets in Costume

Pets in costume were on display last night during the Key West Pet Masquerade. This is part of the weeklong mega-party named Fantasy Fest...Key West's biggest tourist draw, and it was a great time. This years new location was a little small for the normally huge-size event, but everyone had a great time and laugh nonetheless. Beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, and a lively party make Key West no wonder as one of the world's great places to hang out. And it never snows - so come visit when you catch a chill!

Cats, dogs, geese, and even snakes were present - along with other animals - dressed with their owners in hysterical costumes.

Here is a collection of my favorite pet costumes that I was able to capture.

A family of pirates, along with dogs and tiny puppies, prepare for the stage.

Spectators craning for a view.

A beautiful sunset, as a tall ship makes its way into the Key West harbor.

It's true - eventually you'll look like your dog.

Thanks to Dracula's tender touch, the cat had gave up on fighting, and enjoyed the show with her winged handler.

Here is a close-up of that cat - still trying to figure out how to fly out of here.

That's one happy dog. Now that's Fantasy Fest for ya.

Royalty was well represented by this regal pooch.

Someone even had a cow dressed as a dog! Very believable.

Dressed in Congressional Report newspaper. Maybe he's not paper trained yet?

Someone feels pretty.

Argggh. I want a treat says the dogs.

Again proving that owners eventually look like their dogs.

Not sure who is the owner and who is the dog, but these two looked adorable.

Imagine trying to paint your cats face? That is one cool cat.

One happy heifer.
More Fantasy Fest madness will continue this week. Check back for more postings and pictures.
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