Friday, October 06, 2006

TAMPOA Double-speak

I was checking out the TAMPOA website and was amazed at their ability to speak out of both sides of their mouths.

On their newsletter page, under the heading "Security and our Community", TAMPOA says:
"Please be advised that, although the Truman Annex and Shipyard communities are
gated, the general public is allowed to enter the property freely and to access
places such as the Little White House. Please note that the Association does not
monitor who enters or exits the communities."

But on that same page, Tom Tukey, president of TAMPOA, wrote in his "President's Message" that they were hoping to achieve just the opposite.
Here is what TAMPOA thinks the City of Key West should agree to:

"During the day, the traffic on Southard Street would be controlled and slowed
by “arms.” "


"...for the first time we would be allowed to install gates at both ends of
Southard Street and close them totally during the night. That meant that our
security would be significantly enhanced."

Doesn't sound very free and accessible to me. No wonder the citizens of Key West are so upset (me included).

To contact TAMPOA & let them know how you feel, here are the e-mail addresses of their Board of Directors, as published on the TAMPOA website:

2006 Board of Directors
Tom TukeyE-mail:
Jim HallE-mail:
Paula RyalsE-mail:
Harold BerryE-mail:

Frank SerioE-mail:

Phil WilsonE-mail:

Rebecca BaumannE-mail:
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Conchette said...

You're right about the doublespeak. There is enough of that from TAMPOA and the City to go around. For the latest from TAMPOA, see its October 5 letter to Annex residents at TAMPON (