Saturday, November 04, 2006

NO DEAL: Key West vs. Truman Annex

Recent reports in the local press stated that Commissioner Verge had presented a compromise agreement to TAMPOA (Truman Annex Master Property Assn) over the use of the portion of Southard Street that runs through Truman Annex. Those reports said that the proposal would allow unfettered access for the public during the day, but at night gates would be locked and the public would not be able to use Southard Street. Frankly, I couldn't believe that the City of Key West was willing to give up so much on this important issue.

But according to the Bahama Village blog, no such agreement was ever offered. Let's hope so.

Most Key Westers don't want to see Southard Street gated and closed to the public.

It is time for the City Commission to show its political will and do whatever it can to have control of this important street.

To me, this is all a head fake by TAMPOA, who it seems is really interested in controlling what is outside of its gate at the adjoining Truman Waterfront property the City received from the Navy.

Again, I implore City Commissioners to not lose will on this battle. The citizens are behind you. If you must use emininent domain to take the street (and according to TAMPOA effectively removing them from being a gated community) then get your money's worth and open up all the streets in Truman Annex.

And don't listen to the huffing and puffing of the "Manics in the Annex" about the cost of eminent domain. Remember, these streets are still going to be streets. But now, the public will be allowed to use them. It won't be cheap, but control of a major road is well worth it.

By the way, the developer of Truman Annex seems as disgusted as most Key Westers are over TAMPOA's behavior. Pritham Singh has publicly warned TAMPOA to back down and come to their senses. So far, TAMPOA still has it's head stuck in the gate.
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Anonymous said...

there you go again. urging the city to spend monies for something they don't own and probably can't get through eminent domain. you do realize that the city pays all expenses in an eminent domain suit. that is both theirs and all the legal expenses of the defendent let alone picking up the value of the property that they receive. there are provisions that the municipality must show and forfill in an eminent domain suit. this city can not pass those criteria and thus will probably loss that suit as well as the abrogation of a legal and binding contract suit. you don't pay any taxes to the city but are quick to urge them to waste an enormous amount of money. you are a real piece of work. that from people who work here, own property here and pay taxes here.

Cayo Dave said...

a judge will decide this.
then again, it may not come to eminent domain. i'm not convinced that the city of key west does not already have rights to that part of southard street.
p.s. don't assume anything about me anonymous. you have no idea.

Anonymous said...

if the city has rights to southard st why haven't they declared it? maybe they are keeping their cards close to the vest. right! maybe they enjoy spending money for court cases.
get real, this is key west. the inmates here are in charge of the asylum.
as far as making assumptions about you, oh boy!

Cayo Dave said...

anonymous: won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

I personally think this whole issue about Southard Street is silly. I just can't imagine they couldn't come up with some sort of compromise to satisfy everyone.

But here's another question: Some time ago, didn't the Bahama Village group ask a couple of attorneys to investigate and determine who actually owns Southard Street? That was a long time ago. You would think if the attorneys determined the city actually owned the street they would have reported it to everyone to end the conflict. The question becomes, "Why haven't they?" Maybe TAMPOA actually owns the street.

flies with moose said...

It would seem to me that the notion of a private group controlling access to Southard street, and the land beyond it,is contrary to what KW, or really any community, is all about. The first question would be the ownership of the thoroughfare. Next would be whether there is an easement implied by law or use. Following that would be the question of, if the City did not own or have an easement through it, could they take it by eminent domain. KW has always had to walk this line of balancing enjoying outside money coming in and the local culture. It would be a terrible shame if outside money made a substantial portion of the island limited to its inhabitants. This is going to cost the city alot of money, but it is well worth it, because the kind of elitism shown by TAMPOA is completely antithetical to what KW is all about. If elitism wins the day, who will make the meals, tend the streets, pour the drinks. It is a self-defeating course of action for them. KW should be inclusive, it is its tradition and should continue to so be.

Cayo Dave said...

flies with moose: I could not agree more with you. At the heart of this is the spirit of Key West - and the move by TAMPOA to further isolate themselves is sad. I only hope that the City of Key West recognizes how much of an attack on our free-spirited island life that Truman Annex is presenting. Can't we just move them (TAMPOA) to Naples where they belong?

Anonymous said...

Kick 'em out of "our" town! We don't want their type around here! Those jerks! Off with their heads! Why can't THEY be as tolerant as WE are??????