Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Navy to TAMPOA - Gates Are Not Acceptable

The local press today reports that the Navy opposes any plan to place gates on Southard Street in Truman Annex. On the morning radio show, the second in command for the Navy in Key West said that they will not show identification to TAMPOA nor will they allow gates that restrict access. This is good news for those in the general public that are concerned about restricted access.

The Truman Annex Master Property Association (TAMPOA) has been battling the City of Key West over control and ownership of the portion of Southard Street that runs though their Truman Annex neighborhood. That street is used by the Navy for access to its property. The public also uses the street to acces Fort Zachary State Park and the Truman waterfront property. TAMPOA has stated that if they don't gate off that street then their wealthy-yet-conformist neighborhood will no longer be considered a "gated community" and therefore lose value. Looks to me like TAMPOA is in a lose lose situation.

It is time for TAMPOA to recognize the importance of the street to the Navy, the citizens of Key West, and the general public. TAMPOA, please stop planning to restrict access. Either that, or face the wrath of the public, the will of the City of Key West Commission, and the bottomless pockets of the US Government.
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Anonymous said...

It seemed really silly to me that TAMPOA was so dead set on having a gate. A couple of things came to mind: First, if you don't exercise your rights as ownership of something, you can lose it. I think this is why they had a checkpoint at the gate a few weeks ago. Second, maybe they are concerned that the Navy Park is going to be the site of bars and parties ande other late night activities that will result in a lot of loud traffic funneled right past the residences and condos on Southard Street. I don't think I would want all the traffic funneled down my street late at night either.

Anyhow, I think it's more than simply, "keep the poor people out of her pristine neighborhood."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love the convenience of Waterfront Market. But really, what's the big difference if they move across the street? The boat people will just have to haul their groceries a little further.

While I would hate to lose Waterfront Market, having them move across the street is not a big deal to me.

Cayo Dave said...

Taking the suggestion of an anonymous poster, I have deleted the 11/9/2006 comment. I should not have published that comment - it advocated violence. I apologize.