Thursday, December 06, 2007

Newbie Flippers Sue Real Estate Infomercial Guru [VIDEO]

We've all seen them: get-rich-quick real estate programs hawked on television infomercials promising an easy road to wealth.
Typically, some "real estate guru" loosely explains how they made fortunes, and now offers the program for sale - all the while chanting "No Money Down!" and citing huge payoffs.
One such program, from Russ Whitney and the Whitney Information Networks, is being sued by people who took their "classes" and subsequently buried themselves in the real estate market.
Here is a video detailing one woman's allegations: that she spent $30,000 on classes with Russ Whitney (amazing by itself), and then developed a house allegedly at the suggestion of the Whitney organization and which has little chance of making money.
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1 comment:

Saratica said...

Spending $30k on a new career is not a bad investment. IF you get a new career. She learned some very valuable lessons at a young age and she will recover.