Friday, April 18, 2008

Massive Migration of Birds in Key West

Birding enthusiasts should be well rewarded in Key West - if current radar indications are correct.

According to radar images, there is a massive bird migration underway from Cuba to Key West, and then on to the Mainland.

The radar image, attatched to this post, shows the migration from last night to this morning.

So, keep an eye out. Visit Fort Zach and other bird friendly places. You will likely be rewarded with more than a few different migrating bird species.

If you see something interesting, please comment here and share your sightings with the rest of the birding world.
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Anonymous said...

Hello Cayo,

Im in Michigan and used to live in the keys. A good friend of mine from Key West was telling me about a lawsuit that was filed on the city this week for 25 million have you heard anything on this?

Anonymous said...

Cayo Dave - love this sight!

Check this out about short sales as I know it must really hit home in Key West: