Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mayor Plans to Designate Country Song the Official Song of Key West

When you think of Key West, what music comes to mind?

For many it's Jimmy Buffett - whose career started here on the island now synonymous with the song Margaritaville. Each year the Parrothead fan club holds its Meeting of the Minds in Key West.

For others, it's Bahamian music - reflecting on the island's Bahamian roots, and today still well represented by the Junkanoos.

Latin music is also a part of the island - with its historic ties to Cuba. And lets not forget the Village People's song Key West.

But how about a country song? Don't laugh.

During the upcoming Songwriters Festival, the Mayor of Key West, Morgan McPherson, is about to designate the country song "Key West Address" by James Slater (James who?) as the "official" song of Key West. (There is only one country radio station and one country bar in Key West)

Listen to the song below:

Sounds to me like a Jimmy Buffett knockoff. If you're going in that direction, then why not designate a Jimmy Buffett song?

What do you think? Should the Mayor decide for all of us the "official" song of Key West?

What tune would you vote for?
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Bob Kelly said...

No, the Mayor shouldn't have the final say, and no, I don't like Key West address.

Well, where to begin? There is, of course, Key West by the Village People. Michael McCloud claims that Tourist Time Bar is the anthem for Key West, but I've always liked Peace and Quiet by him. Livin' on Key West Time by Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24. Sending my love from Key West by Sir C.W. Colt. Key West Intermezzo by John Mellencamp. Chicken Wars by Pejuta and the K.O.; (well, maybe not). There are many more. What about the theme from The Key West Picture Show -- Key West Welcomes You?

Maybe there should be a contest, like Key West Idol. Yeah, let's vote on it.

Cayo Dave said...

One of my favorites: En Cayo Hueso by the Survivors

Anonymous said...

You know the Mayor has too much time on his hands when he wants this awful tune as the official song of Key West.

Time to vote this idiot out of office.

Anonymous said...

Key West address? One line proclaims that millionaires are buying up real estate - since when? Does this guy even know ANYTHING about this city?

And since when is anything other than a McCloud song or even a Buffett song have anything to do with the city?

The Mayor is showing his ignorance - again! Sure, you can make it the city song but who is really going to listen to it or for that matter play it at any event?

The Mayor is out of touch with the real spirit of this town. Why did anyone vote for this guy?????

Mo2 said...

That song is god afull. I would be ashamed to even admit that I lived Key West if that is the song they choose!
I think the David Allen Coe song "Jimmy Buffett Don't Live In Key West Anymore" would make a great official song for Key West.

Anonymous said...

Last Mango In Paris

Anonymous said...

Why do we need an 'official song' for Key West? This isn't NYC with that God awful Liza song "New York New York" or Chicago or San Francisco.

Song? We don't need no stinkin' song!

Anonymous said...

I think the city should have an official beer. My nomination for a Key West beer is "Free"

Anonymous said...

I think the city has more to worry about than a song. Key West was hit with a 25 million dollar lawsuit against them today. We think the city was rocked over duck tours, this would be a 9 on the rictor scale for city residents. Lawsuit case #

Form what i've seen this is another real strong law suit....

Duck Tours with a bigger bang.

Cayo Dave said...

Form what i've seen this is another real strong law suit

Oh brother - here comes the Robert Krutko saga - who is now suing the City of Key West over the seizure and sale of his dive boat because of an unpaid rent dispute.

The internet is loaded with Krutko's claims. He likely has spent a good deal of time maligning the yacht broker that handled the sale.

I'm guessing that Krutko posted the previous comment suggesting that he has a good case against the city and will make the Duck tours looks small.

I doubt it.

Sounds like the matter has been investigated by the Florida Dept. Of Business Affairs and ruled that nothing was wrong with the yacht broker.

And why $25 million dollars. The business sounds like a failure (allegedly, much to the fault of Krutko), and the boat couldn't be worth much more than a few hundred thousand (and that is likely a generous estimate).

Krutko - if you are out there and beginning to use this blog as a means of airing your tired complaints, I suggest you post comments under your own name and start backing things up with provable facts.

Otherwise, you can add me to the long list of people who do not believe you.

KW Jiggy said...

That song is terrible. I agree what does this guy now about KW. He probably played a 4 day gig at a bar and "learned his lesson" at the scrub club. What a STUPID line.


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Anonymous said...

I was born here and will be 67 in two weeks. We've never had a song for Cayo Cueso,and I've been a musician for 35 years,in fact I'm the only musicain that was Jimmy Buffets Mailman too, pretty cool huh? He is a great guy,I knew him before fame when he lived where Louie's backyard is now.There was a song called "Key West the Best" written by Charlie Armstrong who owned the minature golf course on the Boulevard--it was very popular in the 50/60's when Key West began to get recognized--Bobby Pazo

Anonymous said...

If You Want A Country Song, Then Why Not Have Kenny Chesney Do It? He Loves The Island And Could Make it More To Everyone's Liking. I Am Sure That He Would Be Honored... I Mean Come On, If You Are Going To Do Something Country...Then Lets Have A Country/Islander Song??