Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poll: Do YOU Like The Water Park Idea?

I'm still mystified by the mayor's idea for a "water park" at the Truman Waterfront.

I haven't met a local who likes the idea. The Citizen's Voice, our local anonymous rant column in the newspaper, is filled with people questioning the rational of a water park.

Who knows? Maybe it's all a move to freak out the Truman Annex crowd - something like: Put up a gate on Southard Street?! Fine! We'll build an amusement park next door!

But seriously, let's hear YOUR opinion:

If you can, let others know about the poll so we can get as many opinions as possible. And feel free to add your comments to this blog post to discuss the water park idea further.
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Anonymous said...

I think it is a good idea if the city can make money on it. It would offer something in KW for family's to do both locals and visitors. There is not a lot in KW for visitors with children. I am totally against it however if the city will be subsidizing it. There are far more important things to pay for. And as far as the comments I keep hearing from the old fogeys No I do not want to see KW turned into one giant retirement community for the rich. If you want that move to Palm Springs.

Concerned Neighbor said...

I think there are still to many questions to be answered. Will it run on salt water or fresh? What would be the terms of the land lease (how long, assignable, etc.)? How much space will it need? Also pertinent: who is the outfit that wants it? What do they gain by it? What does the community gain by it?

It does show a degree of creative thinking on someone's part. There's no harm in letting them present their case.

Anonymous said...

i am a tourist to kw, not a resident, and i would oppose the water park. i like the adult enviornment of key west. we enjoy the peace and quiet of the keys (we stay away from duval street). a waterpark is a step in the wrong direction and would influence my decision on returning (or not) to key west.

Anonymous said...

I am a frequent visitor to key west (twice a year or better). Please god no!! I love the original charm of Key West and its people (yes there is still some left).

Anonymous said...

There is no way that the City can turn a profit off of this project. There are too many variables at play: the water costs, construction costs (figure around $7-8 million for a small facility, if the project comes in at budget), the labor (maybe we can employee the homeless to be lifeguards), and the upkeep. A freshwater facility in this climate will probably cost more than $3 million a year in chemical and infrastructure maintenance alone. Add in the other utilities, liability and work comp insurance costs and this project becomes a white elephant. Even if the city can find someone interested in handling the project as a third party, they face all the same issues the City does.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....It looks as if Mr. Waterpark is dead. Still, it would have been instructive to see who (or what) was behind this one.

veggiegator said...

Hey Dave, I haven't been to your blog in a while and the first thing I see when I look is a poll about a water park. Ug, that would be so dirty and commericalized- it would kill Key West's character! Plus, think about the storm surge/wind damage issues every time a hurricane blows through, the "rides" will get of the anonymous's is right- the City cannot make money on that at all. Cities run "swim clubs" not water parks. I hope it fails!

Cayo Dave said...

Hi Veggie!!
Yep - I agree with you 100%. I think our mayor is out of touch with the desires of the residents.
It seems that our local governments have the attitude that they are a business - and need to become as big (and bloated/beurocratic) as possible. So, they keep approving/proposing developements that nobody wants. YOu should have heard the howls over the suggested 18 story hotel at the Key West Airport (it would have been 15 stories over the current height limit).
Anyway, glad to see you drop by.
I haven't been able to post lately as I've been involved in a very consuming project.
But in another month, I'll get back to regularly posting.
Hope life is treating you well.
Cayo Dave

Anonymous said...

There isn't alot in Key West for visitors with children because KEY WEST ISN'T AN APPROPRIATE DESTINATION FOR VISITORS WITH CHILDREN! Isn't it bad enough that people with children have taken over coffee shops, upscale restaurants, and even bars in many towns? Leave KW and New Orleans alone - they're the only two child-free sanctuaries left in the country!!

Cayo Dave said...

Key West IS a great place for children. I'm not sure why the previous anonymous commenter thinks otherwise.
There is so much to do with children in Key West - beaches, water sports, children-oriented attractions, and a positive environment for families to spend time together. Just because some parts of Duval Street have a honky tonk vibe shouldn't stop any family from visiting.
For me, the sound of children laughing and having fun is music.