Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bahama Village Needs Your Support

At tonight's Key West City Commission meeting, the Bahama Village Community Land Trust (BCCLT) needs YOUR support.
The Mayor of Key West, Morgan McPhearson, is attempting to undo the will of the majority of Key West citizens. We have voted, in a referendum, to lease the BCCLT 6 acres of land at the Truman Waterfront for housing, community centers, and other projects in support of one of Key West's most historic neighborhoods - Bahama Village.
Instead, the Mayor has been championing a water park. I know of no one that wants a water park.
Further, the Mayor wants to get control of the special funding that has been set up to revitalize the neighborhood.
It is a mystery why the Mayor no longer is interested in representing the will of the citizens, but it is starkly reminiscent of the County Mayor Mario DiGennaro's methods who seemed to never say no to a developer.
The Gang of Three has been broken up and mostly voted out (thank goodness), and the Mayors should read the writing on the wall: THEY ARE NEXT TO GO.
Please support the worthwhile efforts of the Bahama Village Community Land Trust and go to tonight's City Commission meeting at 6pm at City Hall.
And to Norma Jean Sawyer and the rest of the BCCLT, you have my complete support.
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Anonymous said...

Why do we need any development in the Truman Waterfront? Giving the land to the BCCLT (and the assisted living facility) is as stupid as the mayor’s beloved waterpark. Why does every inch of this island have to be covered with “progress”? There are plenty of existing empty, decaying buildings, both commercial and residential, in and around Bahama Village. Why not start with those?

Cayo Dave said...

Why do we need any development in the Truman Waterfront?

Because the Navy required economic community development with the conveyence.

madjacks of key west said...

Hi Dave

Have missed your Blog since the
demiss of Dave and Dave.
The Waterpark is as stupid as
the Vandenberg...divers do it dumber, like Airhead Mario...
Big Mac must be back on pot.



Anonymous said...

The water park will be paid for with proceeds from the new hotel/casino. Don't ya get it?

Anonymous said...

With the economy in the tank who do you think will come to Key West anymore? Those glory days are gone and I feel sorry for anyone who lives in a tourist driven economy unless they have other skills or deep pockets cause the ship done sailed away from the Conch Republic!

Anonymous said...

how about a concert venue?

Alida Antonia Cornelius said...

A water park in Key West?
What a hoot.
That's like building a snow park at the North Pole.
I miss Key West...the old Key West.
Who in the world voted that guy in?
The yankee invaders?

Cayo Dave said...

Alida - actually, the now-former mayor is a Conch and was voted in by the Conchs. The "yankee invaders" don't have enough political clout to easily win mayorship.
Nevertheless, anyone can be a good leader of Key West - Conch or newcomer. Our newest mayor is a Conch (of course), and is doing a fine job so far. He seems quite level headed, intelligent, and not beholden to cronies.