Wednesday, August 04, 2010

McPherson's Bold Plan? Go Backwards

First off, you really just have to watch it for yourself.  This video is so full of vague and strange statements, one has to wonder is he serious.  Most of what he said/read sounded like it was produced by the tea party, Sarah Palin, and Glen Beck.  Or maybe Tina Fey lampooning all three.

Declaring at an Upper Keys Republican Club that he was the candidate to take us "backwards", Morgan McPherson stiffly read from a prepared speech that often seemed foreign to him while frequently mispronouncing the text and often reading from it sentence by sentence.

There is little doubt that McPherson is sincere in his drive to take Florida backwards.  His solution to the state's problems?  Cut taxes, cut spending, remove state and federal regulations on business, and lower the corporate tax to the lowest level in the country.  He thinks we are facing an abyss.  He wants to "take scissors to Tallahassee" - the same scissors he states households have been using to trim their budgets.

Morgan wraps up his speech by going biblical,  declaring "we need to take on that Philistine that sits in this seat", referring to Ron Saunders - the current state representative.

Philistine, huh?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary:
Main Entry: Phi·lis·tine
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1 : a native or inhabitant of ancient Philistia
2 often not capitalized a : a person who is guided by materialism and is usually disdainful of intellectual or artistic values b : one uninformed in a special area of knowledge

Hmmm.  Ron Saunders was born in Key West.  So definition #1 is out - he is not a native or inhabitant of ancient Philistia.

So Morgan must be referring to definition #2: a : a person who is guided by materialism and is usually disdainful of intellectual or artistic values b : one uninformed in a special area of knowledge.

Yet Saunders has consistently exhibited genuine concern for the Florida Keys above materialism, and supporting protecting the Florida Keys as a state area of critical concern, the arts community, and the diversity of Key West.  He is especially informed about our issues and constantly fights on Key West's and the Florida Keys' behalf in Tallahassee.

Having been ousted by the electorate in the previous election, McPherson somehow feels its time to take losing to the next level.

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Anonymous said...

Wheweeee...Morgan IS taking things "backwards", alright. The initial blog entry captures and critiques it well enough, and I can only add that he's sadly become a carracature of himself. Gone are the flowered shirts of when he was Mayor of KW, now his fashion is draping on a suit (more befitting a man of responsibility, huh?), but it just reveals he's an empty suit, full of slogans he can't memorize - hence the fractured and awkward reading of his speech (no scribbling on his hands, here, no sireee).
The only reason he's running is to attempt to drain the Saunders campaign - make Ron scramble a bit, and siphon energy away from his efforts to help other Democratic candidates in the state. Funny, the party apparatchiks didn't count on MM having primary opposition, and it's feasible Matt Gardi might just snatch the annointed one's crown from him.
Backwards indeed. Reactionary, regressive, empty slogans, his earlier insipid "Big Idea" now dressed up as "Bold Plan", never saying wtf the "bold" plan might even be, except retreaded, and failed policies, of more for the rich, and less for the rest, no matter how he dresses up. Talk about "lipstick on a pig"! It works for them, but not for you or me.

Cayo Dave said...

Anonymous - you, sir/maam, get the award for best comment to this blog. EVER.
Especially poignant in McPherson's speech was his criticism of public schools, saying he "believes students & parents need to be held accountable". Yeah - that's who everyone is looking to prosecute - the children! Seriously, does he think the public has forgotten his close alliance with the corrupt & removed-from-office Superintendant and his soon-to-be-convicted wife?

Anonymous said...

Ok so he won, now what? I do have to admit that without ever seeing this video, and only having at least a hardy laugh (with rolled eyeballs) everytime we saw his name and "Bold New Plan" printed on the same poster, I always kept thinking after the tears of laughter went away, Morgan?...Bold NEW Plan?...what, Is there going to be a multiple Water Parks along and within his intended domain?

He'll get slaughtered in the next round, regardless of his backing. Now, had he run sucessfully for consecutive terms as mayor, never mentioned "water Park" on an island surrounded by water, he may have done better, but if you cannot get re-elected as mayor, and taken care of the things you were asked to do, 9without personal agenda and/ or "buddyship" then he may be taken seriuosly enough to actually be "A contender", but alas his tenure and accomplishments are a just falderall for stories of days gone by here, as many are.
I just wonder, at what point in time and with whom that discussion ever came up? I can here it now "Well I lost the race for mayor, I should just aspire for higher office!"
to wich so so called friends said "Hey, thats a real good idea"
I guess he thinks voters forget that his and his buddies little "Fact Finding Mission" on the feasibility of a "bridge" over the water, and down some island way was forgot about?
No Morgan, I haven't forgotten ya'lls trip, under the guise of "fact finding", we wonder what the bar bills were between you two...btw, don't you have pictures of the trip?....didn't think so..