Thursday, August 19, 2010

YouTube Video: Family Films Fish Being Fed on Snorkel Trip

Hearing of Michelle Casasola's severe injury while snorkeling is so sad and unusual.

Locals and visitors have snorkeled countless times - nearly all without incident.

So what happened?

The family claims that the crew was throwing food, namely bagels, in the water to attract fish. Allegedly as a result, a three-foot barracuda attacked the nine-year old's hand - likely mistaking it for a yellowtail snapper.

What's it look like when you throw food in the water at the reef?

Check out this family video posted on YouTube on December 24, 2009 showing a family snorkeling in Key West with Fury.

During the last 20 seconds of the video notice the large school of yellowtail snapper in a feeding frenzy at something repeatedly tossed into the water near snorkelers.

The point is this: snorkeling in Key West is safe, fun, and rewarding - so long as people aren't throwing food in the water to attract fish.

Get well soon Michelle!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fury was caught doing something they deny doing. When a company has employees that probably routinely do throw leftovers into the water to bring fish for the customers, it probably was done safely for a while. Although it is NOT a good idea, while in the water, (unless you are a scientist, or professional waterperson) to do so, no accidents probably ever happened (until Michele's).

The problem is this, they know, we know they do (did) it routinely, but to say "we don't" is at minimum stupid, at maximum criminal to say they don't. The lawyers will know and although the person(s) who did throw the bagels (you know they are)did it routinely they got caught doing so.....
I hope the little girl gets better and am sorry it happened her, I can only hope the financial payout will hurt even more to Fury. Not because they threw a bagel to chum for yellow tail, but if you polled anyone who took a Fury trip, before this incident I bet the lawyers would find 100 more to attest they did it.
It is right to tell the truth, then to find out it was being done and as well, caught on Tape.
It is the captains fault, but the company shouldn't have lied, which they did.