Saturday, May 28, 2011

MTV Real World: Key West House For Sale

Real World: Key West.  Who doesn't remember it?  Alright - do you even remember it?

Filmed at an uber-swanky waterfront home on Key Haven, the show featured a cast of island newcomers who were oddly tasked with opening a spray-on tanning salon in one of the sunniest places: Key West, Florida.

Yes, it does get cloudy in Key West - at least 10 days a year.  And tanning is a lot of work - with all the lying about and flipping over.  And what about all those non-tanning nighttime hours?

Anyway, the tanning business was a flop, and, for the most part, so was the show.  The cast usually isolated themselves on Key Haven - a few miles drive to Key West.  Maybe they should have named it Real World: Key Haven.  That might have been more "real".

Yes, the spray tan business was a bust - but the house that MTV rented at $25,000 per month - is looking like a blockbuster. Thumbing its nose at the housing crash and Great Recession, the Real World: Key West house is offered at a price 4 times what it last sold for in 2002.

Currently listed for a $7.9 million real dollars, this oceanfront home is grand, especially if you'd like a hot-tub in your quasi-living room. And at $975 a square foot, you'll feel like you are on the 2005 production - since you'll be paying prices not seen then.  Plus, each time you pay the estimated $29,000 in annual property taxes, you'll feel like a real MTV star making it rain money.

Here is how the realtor describes the property:
This isn't just a house, this is your own private mini resort in Key West, Florida. THERE IS NO OTHER PROPERTY THAT COMPARES TO THIS IN KEY WEST- 500 FEET OCEANFRONT- 6000 SQ FOOT LIVING-ACTIVITIES-SECLUDED This is the property used by MTV to film the 2006 Real World Key West. 500 feet of oceanfront, 7 bedrooms (sleeps 14 to 20) , 4 1/2 baths, 8 plasma TVs, pool table (and ping pong), tennis court, hammocks, 3 paddle boards, 4 bikes, 4 kayaks, basketball court, 30 car parking, 60 foot long deep boat dock, 100 foot shallow boat dock, plus secondary protected dock for storms and weather.
Below is a photo of the hot tub in the living room - no doubt once filled with a hearty MTV broth.

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