Thursday, May 26, 2011

Woman Plans to Swim from Cuba to Key West

Sure, you can fly to Key West.  Or drive.  Or even arrive by boat, cruise ship, and ferry.

But swim?

Sometime this summer, when conditions are determined to be perfect, Diana Nyad will attempt to swim from Cuba to Key West - a distance of 103 miles, across the Straits of Florida and the Gulf Stream.

It is estimated that this unbelievable journey will take two days of continuous swimming and requires a specially-designed swim suit that minimizes abrasions.

Nyad, arguably the greatest endurance swimmer of all time, previously attempted this swim last year.  But  after nearly 50 hours of continuous swimming, strong winds and large seas had blown her far off course and she had to abandon the attempt.

So, can she do it?

If anyone can, it is this amazing athlete.  In 1979, she made the longest recorded swim in history - covering 102 miles from Bimini, Bahamas to South Florida.  She was 31 then.  Today she is 61, and just as bold and determined as ever.

Key West wishes Diana fair winds, following seas, and the very best of luck.

You can read more about her and the upcoming attempt at her website
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