Friday, September 16, 2005

Key West Employees Forbidden From MTV Show

Solares Hill, the Key West weekly free-for-locals paper, reported that Ed Swift has forbidden his employees from being filmed by MTV's Real World.
In this weeks Soundings column, Mark Howell wrote:
"A memo addressed to all "cast members" at Historic Tours of America -
meaning its Conch train and trolley drivers, attendants and ticket-takers - was
sent out this month by Linda Test, director of HTA's Key West operations.
Headed "MTV 'Real World' Filming, it instructs:

"At no time will it be acceptable for any castmember to be filmed or
interviewed during work hours or while in unifrom by anone of MTV's 'Real
World.' Any requests for photos or interviews must go through Piper Smith,
marketing director.
"Should you decide to participate in any filming during your personal time, no reference to HTA or its affiliates may be mentioned.
"Failure to comply will be grounds for disciplinary action and
possible termination."
I have a feeling this is not what it at first seems. Maybe Ed Swift, owner of HTA, wants controlled & free publicity, and is going to negotiate a "settlement" with MTV if they'll use his brands tastefully. Also, maybe he doesn't want an employee to say something he'll regret - this is, after all, a huge television show coming to Key West.
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