Friday, September 02, 2005

Locals Lash Out At Swift Over MTV Show

When word got out of Ed Swift's lawsuit against the Real World, MTV's popular reality tv program due to be filmed in his neighborhood near Key West, islanders were quick to criticize the mega-tourism businessman for ignoring their similar pleas. Though a couple were sympathetic, overwhelmingly Key Westers had little sympathy for Swift. Here are a few of the comments, as printed in the local paper:
"So MTV is filming a reality video next door to the Key Haven home of Ed Swift. I hope they're able to incorporate into the video some of the reality of living in Old Town Key West. Such as the Conch Train or the Trolley's loudspeakers and tooting horns."
"Mr. Swift, I really object your trains running by my house on Elizabeth Street four times an hour every 15 to 20 minutes broadcasting how pretty my plants are."
"I've watched every season of MTV's 'Real World' since the beginning in 1993. I know every house and every cast member but I cannot tell you a single thing about any of their neighbors, their neighbors' lives, their children's lives or their houses. Ed Swift just needs to chill out and be tolerant for three months as I am every half hour as the Conch Train passes slowly by and pictures are taken."
"Ed, I feel your pain. Tell you what, let's do a survey of all the residents from Key West to Key Largo and see what they think. Then we can appoint a county committee to study it. After that we may want to do a quality of life study. We'll get to the bottom of it, I promise."
"It seems that Ed Swift would appreciate the publicity that MTV will bring to the Keys. More people riding his trains."
"Give Ed Swift a break. If you live in Old Town you live in a mixed residential/commercial area. Key Haven is a residential suburb. When you move to the suburbs you have an expectation of peace and quiet. If the Real World house was next to mine, I'd let my dog poop on their lawn."
"I don't care if Ed Swift has every license under the sun and MTV doesn't. This is still funny as hell. Go 'Real World,' go."
"Come on, let's be fair. Having a Conch Train go by your house the last 47 years is not the same as having MTV move in next door to you 24-7. The Conch Train shows off what's positive about Key West. Is MTV's The Real World the image we really want to portray anyway?"
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Anonymous said...

What's the local thinking? Can he really shut down the Real World?

Anonymous said...

I am a long time visitor to Key West, and considering starting a practice in the Keys in the near future. I think it is a really silly idea to have the so called Real World filmed in Key West. I am not a fan or even a regular viewer. It is a stupid show about a bunch of 20 something drunks that sit around and bitch about something all the time, how depressing. If they want to do a real world show in the Keys film these idiots doing something positive, not drinking Duval Street dry and fighting. I personally cancelled a trip I planned for November for the Parrott Head in Paridise because thoses idioits are going to be there

bjgfj said...

wow, that is really stupid, don't watch the show if you don't like it...people these days :rolls eyes:

Cayo Dave said...

Yes, Ed Swift is that powerful. He is not just one local, he is one of the most connected and powerful people on the island. Once city commissioner works for him (seriously, it's his day job!), and Swift has deals with the city that many are critical. Part of me thinks he's trying to get back at the city, who feels the pain of not being included in the recent Duck Tours settlement.

Anonymous said...

Dave--when are you going to update your blog? There are rumors that shooting is going on but nothing here. Have you seen anything?

pyr8 said...

Hey Dave the commission has changed, it is our town,the tax payers,not Ed Swifts or the commissioners,we the people can stand up and make a difference I did when I voted, so could you all!