Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Key West Hurricane Wilma Photos

By morning, the media looked like they spent the night on Duval
More Hurricane Wilma
photos from Key West courtesy of

With a week of press coverage before the storm, many complained of hurricane fatigue. For me, it was hurricane coverage fatigue. Looks like some in the media felt the same way.Mallory Square Post Hurricane
Mike Sydel from the Weather Channel keeping the worry going
After the storm, Mallory Square had a coating of sand, and some of the bricks had floated up and out of position. The Weather Channel and the rest of the media did an excellent job of keeping the worry going.
Key West Aquarium sharks swim away
Down on Whitehead Street, the historic Cistern (yawn) lost its entire metal roof. Must have been 100 8-foot sheets of metal in the street.Hilton Marina totally destroyed
The best fish sandwich on the island survives another blow. Go BO!
The Hilton Marina was totally destroyed. All of the docks and wooden walkways were jet ski in front of the Casa Marina smashed to bits.
Fortunately, B.O.'s Fish Wagon (my favorite fish sandwich on the island) surivived the storm...I think better than Hurricane Georges. At least the shack is still in one piece!
Strange things floated into shorefront streets, like this jetski.
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Anonymous said...

Was there any damage to the Real World house in Key Haven?

Cayo Dave said...

I believe there may have been substaintial damage to the Key West Real World house. Key Haven took a big hit from the hurricane, and the storm surge flooded any house that wasn't stilted.
I hope to check in on them soon

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the information, keep us updated. :)

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