Saturday, October 08, 2005

MTV's Idea of Tanning in Key West

With the way they do things, maybe MTV should rename it's hit reality show "The Unreal World". I mean, putting a bunch of strangers in a house that, even together, they can't afford, then adding a bunch of booze, in the real world this would lead to eviction, not fame. But then again, it's entertainment...or so the mantra goes.
Continuing it's reality show in an imaginary world, MTV has decided that the cast members will have a job in Key West: working in a spray-on-tan salon that producers created for the show. Producers needed to create and open the salon because Key West didn't have one, or as many pointed out, doesn't need one. If you want a tan, most people have the good sense to just step outside. This place is all about boating, beaching, and partying outside. We've got plenty of sun. I'll leave the spray painting to household projects.
The tanning salon is open for business. Here is their brochure:

Here is the front door:

But be warned. Should you enter, you will be agreeing to be filmed. Here is the warning posted at the front door:

More later.
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Anonymous said...

Dave - the new layout looks great! Thanks for the updates! (:(:

Cayo Dave said...

Thanks for the compliment!
The old layout needed replacement - it was behaving funny.