Saturday, October 08, 2005

MTV Appears in Key West Court Over Real World

Local Key West tourism mogul Ed Swift had his complaints heard in front of a judge this week in Key West Florida.
Swift is suing MTV producers over the filming in "his" neighborhood of next season's Real World. Swift complained that "There is no doubt that it (the Real World house, very near his house) will become a tourist site." The irony of this statement wasn't lost on many Key West residents, who have long complained that his Conch Tour Train and Trolley have invaded their neighborhoods peace and quiet with a near constant stream of gawking tourists, and noise pollution in the form of bells, whistles, and a sight-seeing spiel broadcast over the touring vehicles' loudspeakers. One comment printed in the local newpaper's "Citizens' Voice", a "forum for you to tell us what's on your mind", summed up many residents view of Swift's complaint:
"Hello, I hope that Judge Jones tells Ed Swift the same thing Ed Swift told me when I complained about the Conch Trains waking me up in the morning and having gawking tourists looking at my house 24-7. Ed told me essentially to count sand. Well I hope the judge tells Ed to count sand, too."

In court, Swift, along with his wife Nancy, complained of the productions bright lights and the show's fans driving through the upscale neighborhood, apparently curious for a peek at the cast and house. The court case seeks to stop the production from filming, but I have heard from one good source on the "coconut telegraph" that the shrewd Swift is looking for a payoff.
The case will continue to be heard this week.
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