Friday, December 09, 2005

Fantasy Fest 2005: Light Crowds for Key West's Big Event

Maybe it's no suprise, but the rescheduled Fantasy Fest has seen some very light crowds. Events are generally seeing less than half the normal attendance. For example:
  • The Homemade Bikini contest at the Hog's Breath Saloon drew only 3 contestants. Normally there would be more than 10.
  • Pretenders in Paradise, a competition of large elaborate costumes, only had 10 entries...less than a third of normal.
  • The Headress Ball had more open seats than filled.

For a Festival that has grown into something a bit overwhelming, the mellower scene reminds me of years past and, so far, has been very enjoyable. Key West Travel Guide has just posted some pictures from today's street fair. Here is the link: Key West Fantasy Fest 2005 photos

More will be added as events continue.

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