Friday, December 30, 2005

Real World Key West Business Goes Bust

What a fitting end to MTV's version of the real world.

We all know that in the real real world, no one hands us a job, a free swanky pad, and an unlimited bar tab. Apparently, MTV doesn't think that a show titled the "Real World" needs to have anything based in reality.
As such, the producers of the show went as far as creating a spray on tanning business named Mystic Tan for castmembers to work at while taping the upcoming season in Key West, going as far as opening an entire business for their benefit. Many locals shrugged at the idea of needing a tanning business this far south into the Sunshine State. And from the looks of things, they had very few people through the door.

Now it appears that the whole idea had about as much sense in reality as bringing sand to the beach. The whole tanning business is gone...not a trace of it left. Here are photos of the now empty building. I wonder if they'll include Mystic Tan in the plot line. Oh wait, there isn't a plot least according to court testimony by the producers of the show.

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Anonymous said...

Just because you wouldn't get a tan from Mystic Tan, doesn't mean that other people wouldn't be interested either. What you fail to know and understand is that MTV did not create the set, the company did it, and before you become negative about that... try to understand why people pay millions of dollars to have an ad on the Super Bowl... it's about exposure. I have to give kudo's to the company for grabbing at the opportunity to help expand their business nationwide, if not worldwide for a small out of pocket investment.

By the way... reality tv works... otherwise they wouldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

Before you start writing about Mystic Tan and real world key west, maybe you should have actually been in Key West and observed the cast in action. As a key west native, I am proud to call the cast of Key West not only as friends but also as responsible business owners who worked extremely hard for very little compensation. I tanned at their studio and was greeted with a friendly and knowledgable staff. At bars they paid for every drink and taxi ride. I understand that it may seem like casts on reality shows are spoiled but you would be mistaken. I would love to live for free in an amazing house and gain publicity for just being me. However, for the amount of stress that these young people endure far out weighs the four or so month in paradise.

Cayo Dave said...

I never said that Mystic Tan shouldn't exist. I said that it makes little sense for it to exist in Key West. I guess I was correct, because the business closed it's doors and very few people actually used the service. I wish Mystic Tan no ill will. It just seems funny that the unreal "Real World" would choose to showcase a business that is equally unreal.
As for the second comment: I do actually live in Key West year round. I've never said that the cast were irresponsible or didn't pay for any bar tabs and taxi rides.
Personally, I've never spoken to a single cast member. I do look forward to seeing the show on air and I will be commenting often about it.

melisa said...

The Real World is NOT reality. Just like the rest of the "reality" shows. In actual reality, people have to work--and take care of kids and live in houses that they can afford. The contestants of reality shows make me laugh. Please, God--let me be in the position to leave my job, my kids, my husband and all of my other responsibilities and live in a house with a bunch of unbelievable beautiful people, with equally unbelievable bodies (and don't throw in any arguement about that Rupert guy) and live in their reality. Most people have a reality of paying bills, and shopping for food, and paying insurance and cleaning the house and other "real" things like that. Their reality is much scarier than anything you can see on "Survivor" and "Fear Factor". Just ask any of the wait-staff in Old Town about their reality. That'll make you shutter!

melisa said...

Those reality shows make me laugh. That's not reality. Reality is paying bills and taxes, shopping for your own food and washing your own clothes. There are no product placements. The "reality" of these contestants is unreal. Who do you know that can leave their real life for months at a time--leave their children, their spouse, their jobs, their insurance bills, their mortgage or rent--and go dick around in the sun--AND GET PAID TO DO IT? If you'd like a dose of reality, turn off your TV, go into Old Town, and ask one of the millions of wait staff how thier reality is. How many jobs do they have? When was the last time they laid out in the sun, consumed with worry over the less-than-communicative attitude of their fellow (and equally gorgeous roommates). Sorry....their too busy trying to balance their check book to make rent. Or buy food. Or pay off student loans. Or educate their kids. Face it--the people on reality show just DON'T live in reality. They are spoiled, unattached, irresponsible beautiful people whose parent shave overindulged them to the point that they are adults with enough time on their hands to participate in such nonsense. I'd complain more, but one of my three little kids is crying and I have to go make her reality alittle better.

Anonymous said...

a reason they probably had the mystic tan there is because not every one can get a tan! just because your in florida doesnt mean your going to get a tan!

Anonymous said...

I live in Florida, a different part than Key West, and tanning beds are incredibly popular. Almost everyone I know goes. Why? Because we have jobs we have to go to during the day so all the good sun hours gone by the time we get out. You're not on an eternal vacation just b/c you live in Florida, you have to pay bills just like everyone else.