Sunday, December 11, 2005

More from Fantasy Fest 2005 Key West

Last night's big parade for Fantasy Fest was nicely attended and too much fun. Maybe it was the more manageable crowd, or the good company, or the free-flowing refreshments, but I found it more enjoyable than the last few years. And the floats were very creative and funny. Many beads were tossed, and I even managed to catch few that bounced off my head.
One thing fully annoyed the crowd and me: a group of religious extremists that show up each year to yell, with bullhorns, at everyone for being such heathens. At one point, everyone started throwing beads at them, which was a light punishment for being such a party pooper.
For everything these people were condemning (drunkards, fornicators, yada yada yada), I thought it strange that pedopheliacs weren't on the list - given the church's penchant for buggery, especially with alter boys. To me, anyone yelling about how everyone should live their lives are more likely to be hiding (compensating) for something sinister.
Key West Travel Guide has posted some more excellent 2005 Fantasy Fest Key West photos
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