Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May 5 Jimmy Buffett Concert Cancelled

NBC has cancelled the May 5 broadcast of the Today show in Key West.

The network wants to keep the morning show anchors in New York to better cover the swine flu story. (Ironically, Jimmy Buffett's latest novel is called Swine Not?)

Personally, I think the coverage is already way over the line. I've barely calmed down over their panicking me about Mad Cow Disease. I had just gotten over deer concerns - Lyme disease and all. Oh - and what about equine encyphalitis? Egad! The horses are going to kill us all!! Then chickens & birds freaked me out (remember how they got rid of the post office chickens? At least one commissioner cited bird the new post office chickens have been innoculated.) The news seems to have cried wolf once too many times.

Mostly I'm afraid of wolf. Wolf Blitzer that is.

Anyway, Jimmy Buffett will not be playing 8:30 am on May 5 at the Westin Resort.

The Today show plans on doing a Key West broadcast at a later date - but as of now, none is scheduled.
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