Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm Sure Its All a Big Misunderstanding - right?

Nearly every day another aspect of the Monique Acevedo scandal is revealed. You can't help but think of Blagojovitch - the disgraced impeached senator from Ilinois, indicted for abusing nearly every aspect of his high office.

With each new allegation, it becomes harder and harder to believe her husband knew nothing. The latest allegations involve his campaign finances.

Meanwhile, the Superintendent Randy Acevedo, Monique's husband, has chosen to remain silent until the investigation is complete.

According to the Miami Herald, "In less than two years, she has spent more than $95,000 on pink silk ties, bar stools and spear-gun accessories. The eclectic list of purchases goes on: a table saw, a chandelier and the complete DVD box set of Six Feet Under."

The list of questionable purchases is long. Here are a few more:
  • several men's suits, all size 54L. Her husband recently weighed in at 317 pounds
    ''I have suits, but where she got them I don't know,'' Randy Acevedo said. ``I assumed she paid for them with her own credit card. I don't keep track of our finances.''
  • DVDs of Knocked Up and Good Luck Chuck
  • two $19 payments for traffic school
  • a Jesus bandage purchased at Fast Buck Freddie's department store.
  • Furniture, Pottery Barn $2,714.93
  • Two-piece bed set, Bed & Chair Depot $1,826.43
  • Four-person stay, Courtyard Key West Waterfront $771.90
  • Home furnishings, JC Penney $563.21
  • Four big and tall dress shirts, Jos. A. Bank $256.30
  • Folding chairs, Office Max $239.94
  • Garment and carry-on bags, Samsonite $189.98
  • Harmony 720 Universal remote, Logitech $179.99
  • Unknown, Subtropic Dive Center $166.34
  • Nutra-trim, Jolt gum, etc., GNC Nutrition Center $140
  • Sports equipment, Divers Direct $138.95
  • Coffee table, Kmart $129
  • 10 gift cards, T.G.I. Friday's $100
  • Farouk flat-iron hair straightener, unknown $93.30
  • Chris Rock DVD
  • Oprah Winfrey's magazine
  • two pairs of Oakley sunglasses.
As for Key West - the citizens are rightly upset over this. Schools are struggling with budget cuts. Every dollar really counts.

One commenter to the Citizen website wrote:
The sad thing is we have children in our classrooms without books and supplies and she's out spending. Teachers are having to buy [supplies] for [their] classrooms. I know teachers who have been told [there isn't anymore] copy paper. So if you want your children to learn and practice what they learn it won't be in this school district. There's no more money for anything including supplies, subsitutes, and there's a hiring freeze but we have people out [wasting] money. Extremely frustrating. Unbelievable.

Meanwhile, the city mayor had a strange response to Bill Becker's question on the radio about the scandal. The mayor, straining and stammering, only said he hoped it would be handled in the spirit of Key West's "motto" - One Human Family. I have no idea what that means. But it certainly didn't show a hint of outrage over the corruption and fraud that is alleged.

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Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that he won't get knocked out of office and she won't face any criminal charges. Sure there's an uproar, but as long as there's a bubba network down here, things will not change. The sense of entitlement of the conchs and their network is sickening and will continue to hurt Monroe County.

Cayo Dave said...

This thing is now beyond the grasp of "a bubba network". The state and federal government are involved.
I can't imagine, if the allegations are true, someone not going to jail.