Tuesday, April 14, 2009

USS Vandenberg Forecast to Encounter Gale Force Winds

The USS Vandenberg is underway and on its way to Key West. Hooray!

NOAA is providing daily updates of the ships progress, route, and weather conditions.
According to the video weather forecast, the ship will encounter a developing low pressure system that will create gale force winds today and tonight, with 25-35 knot winds and seas building to 8-15 feet.

Here is the latest NOAA briefing, published yesterday (a new one will be released later today):

With building winds and seas, one has to wonder about that one tug, named Elsbeth III, towing the massive 524' former U.S. Air Force missile tracking ship.
Here is a photo of the Elsbeth III:
And here are her impressive specs:
  • Built 1998 by Captain Latham Smith, Green Cove Springs, FL
  • 5000 HP Ocean Tug
  • L.O.A.: 90 ft.; Beam: 40 ft.; Molded Depth: 16 ft. with extreme sheer; 98 GRT
  • Three 1986 Model KTA-50 Cummins engines, rebuilt & rated 1450 hp each @ 1800 RPM continuous. Complete spare engine available.
  • Three ZF Gears fitted with trolling valves for continuous shaft rpm control from 0-260 rpm
  • Three Bird-Johnson propellers @ 87" x 83" in 82" type 37 Nozzles. Propellers turn 260 RPM on 8" shaft with John Crane seals
  • Bow Thruster: 100 hp
  • Tow winch: Almon Johnson, holding 2000' of 2 1/4" wire. Secondary winch for anchor handling or tandem tows with 1800' of 2" wire. Heavy stern roller, 6' diameter by 10' long & able to deck a 15 ton anchor
  • Three Gensets @ 150 kW, 80 kW & 60 kW
  • Hull: Heavily reinforced 1/2" plate with 15 integral tanks
  • Two 3000 lb. anchors each with six shots of 1 1/4" chain; windlass with capstans
  • One HIAB 1 ton Marine Crane
  • Tugger: One Gearmatic, 10 ton, 1 ton air tugger
  • Berthing: Eight crew
  • Towing range: 30 days; 60 days utility work
  • All vital systems in triplicate for enhanced reliability

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