Thursday, March 02, 2006

Key West Real World Show Debuts

MTV premiered it's Real World reality TV show this week with Key West Florida as the location.

Once again, seven strangers are picked to live in a house, and stop being polite, and start being real, blah blah blah as the gospel goes.

This season's cast is: Svetlana, Janelle, Paula, Jose, Tyler, Zach, and John. Each cast member seems to be hyper-driven to make an impression, but so far as the first show went, they mostly looked like they were boring even to each other. Yes, they flirted, taunted, and quized each other. But it seemed to me that these people were going to get bored quickly. This isn't the Las Vegas Real World, where castmembers seemed to immediately start boozing and humping.

No, so far the Key West Real world has an awkward feel. And that's not even mentioning the enourmously sad situation with Paula, who's eating disorders and emotional problems make one wonder if MTV is exploiting the girl for a story. Maybe, within a few seasons more, MTV will just fill a house with 7 certified maniacs & alcohol, and film the carnage.

Maybe malaise of the show's premier is due to the location being a drive from Key West. The house chosen for Key West Real World is actually on another island 6 miles from Key West - called Key Haven, a small Florida Keys neighborhood of increasingly upscale homes. The house is grand, and frankly a little over the top compared to the rest of the neighborhood. Think LOUD colors. Something like a furniture store in Boca Raton. And was is me, or has MTB/Bunim-Murray cranked up the color saturation levels so much that it looks like Technicolor? Seriously, the overhead/airplane shots of the island and the house were not what I see in real life...the green mangroves are much darker green in person, and the house looked like a giant Easter bunny might be nesting there. Key West Real World photos - pre-production pictures of the house. Also, here is a copy of the MTV Real World Key West house lease.

Either way, the Florida Keys and Key West came off looking great...a tropical island eden. One recurring reminder in the current story line: hurricanes. The housemates went through an ordeal, no doubt. All of Key West's residents (that actually live there) won't forget Dennis, Katrina, Rita, and (especially) Wilma (more Real World Key West house damage). But MTV already made some blunders ( I know, this really isn't the "real world"). Previews of the season claim that a category 5 hurricane slammed into Key West. That is not true. The storm they are referring to, Hurricane Rita, didn't give Key West more than category 2 winds. Why does this matter? Because a direct hit of a category 5 storm, meaning the eyewall goes over Key West, would most likely destroy most of the island. And this certainly didn't happen. As a matter of fact, life is back to (ab)normal in Key West, and visitors would see little evidence of a storm.

Key West residents are staying tuned to the show: entertained that the island we call home is being given such a big stage. It will be interesting to see what type of activities they participate in. Will they visit the Dry Tortugas, take a Key West fishing charter, or just party party party on Duval Street? Let's hope they enjoy all of the island, and not just stayed holed up on Key Haven.

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Here is a photo from a photo shoot that MTV/Bunim-Murray did on Smather's Beach towards the end of filming. Not sure if this is Svetlana or not, but she is topless except for the masking tape over the boobs. The photo from the shoot is used in the show: it's the one of the girl's shoulder with the words Real World Key West tanned on. I'll post a close-up in the next few days:

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