Monday, June 26, 2006

WOW! Key West Commissioner Isn't Backing Down To Truman Annex Leadership

This is a must read for those interested in the dispute between Truman Annex and the City of Key West over access to Southard Street, you should read what was published in a local free press - Key West The Newspaper. Here is the link:
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Key West Chronicle Blog Threatened With Libel Lawsuit

Comments have been posted on two posts of mine threatening a libel lawsuit. Here and here.
The posts were in reference to Tom Tukey the president of TAMPOA, and the Truman Annex dispute with the City of Key West.
Seems someone is quite offended by my opinions, and has threatened to sue this blog. Incorrectly, they have published the name of someone with his telephone number in a comment, and threatened to sue. In the words of the anonymous comment poster, " You shall regret what you have done." I am going to immediately remove the comment that contains the phone numbers and name of the person the commenter believes owns the blog.
Let me say, that this blog is my opinion of events that transpire in Key West. Anyone with opinions as to what I should do? Is calling someone a dickhead grounds for libel? What about calling someone an overprivilidged a-hole?
You opinions are appreciated.
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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Truman Annex Residents Alienating Themselves from Key West

Well, maybe we have hit a new low. Why? I'm not sure.
Wasn't life good enough in Key West, Florida a decade ago? Things seemed more laid back. I remember all of my friends rented or owned houses with pools. Today, you are lucky if they have a yard. And we all had the time, especially in the summer, to relax even more. There were plenty of boats to go around amongst us, and nearly every day there would be someone who said "Jump onboard, let's go to Marvin Key!". Today, it is a rare opportunity when you get to go out on the water for fun.
But suffice it to say, when you invite a bunch of sharks to a party, don't be surprised when they eat everything...Including you.
In my opinion, Truman Annex's leadership have brought island politics to a new low (not an easy thing to do on our quacky island), and in doing so alienated themselves from the rest of the island of Key West.
For reasons that make no sense to me, the leaders of Truman Annex are going to hit the city of Key West into what promises to be a very expensive lawsuit. All of it, over a road that runs from Old Town, through Truman Annex, to the new waterfront property give to the City of Key West from the Navy, right through the Truman Annex development. It depresses me that Key West has such a community. Are they unable to live on the island with a communal spirit? It is no surprise that most Truman Annex residents live in a strange duality (embracing our island with a bear hug...crushing it to death)....most of them don't live here for most of the year.
Key West City Commissioner Lopez is right: every time that the city of Key West has attempted to negotiate with the Navy for the land, the residents of Truman Annex have threatened lawsuits.
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