Friday, June 27, 2008

Emm - What is a Waterpark?

Seriously, what on earth is the Mayor talking about?

A "world class waterpark" on the Truman Waterfront property?

What does that mean? Log flume rides? Water slides?

Am I the only one who finds the whole thing strange.

Key West is an island (meaning surrounded by water). There is certainly no shortage of water to play with/on.

Plus, there is a community pool just a short walk from the Truman Waterfront.

So what on earth is the Mayor talking about?

And what's with his poor treatment of the BCCLT (Bahama Conch Community Land Trust), Norma Jean Sawyer, and the wishes of the voters of Key West who passed a referendum granting the BCCLT a 99 year lease for 6 acres.

Norma Jean Sawyer has probably done more for affordable housing than the Mayor has. She is admirable, an asset to our community, and does not deserve the maligning Mayor McFearsome has lobbed in her direction.

Meanwhile, the budget for Key West is in critical condition under the stewardship of the Mayor. Hasn't the Mayor already cost us enough with his water play toys (aka Vandenberg). Now - who really has mismanaged funds?

If the mayor has a real problem, he should submit those details to the public.

What do you think?
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Radiators in Concert in Key West

July 3rd may be the musical highlight of 2008 for Key West when one of New Orleans' favorite bands, The Radiators, play the Ocean Key House pier.

The Rads, as they are known by their fans, are no ordinary band - this is a top notch group that has been playing funky "swamp approved" music for nearly 30 years.

Many consider The Radiators to be one of the original jam-style bands. Their repertoire is immense - you never know what you'll hear - from originals to covers.

Expect a great show showcasing deep grooves, extended jams, New Orleans funk, and amazing musicianship.

This band is tight, fantastic live, and should be well worth the $20. I haven't been this excited since Burning Spear was supposed to play Key West (Hurricane Georges cancelled that).

If you haven't seen this band before, embedded below are a couple Radiators videos.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Idaho Rafting

Idaho river rafting trip Considering that Key West is an ideal vacation destination, tourists always ask: "Where do you like to go on vacation?"

For me, I love to go to the mountains for hiking, camping, mountain biking, and white water river rafting.

One of the best trips is with this cool Idaho rafting guide service. Their location is convenient for Sun Valley and Stanley, Idaho vacations and offer some of the best overnight rafting trips on the Salmon River & Colorado River - known for excellent white water rapids and incredible wilderness scenery. These are all-inclusive trips and include camping equipment, delicious meals, and professional local guides.
Camping by the river during an Idaho white water rafting trip
They also offers single day trips - as well as a other outdoor activities including mountain biking and fly fishing (there is amazing fresh-water flyfishing on the Salmon River. The fishing guides know where to fish for the local Rainbow & Cutthrout trout).

Mountain biking in Idaho - near Sun Valley and Stanley
Here are links to their various pages:
This year, the rivers will be especially exciting since the surrounding mountains received HUGE quantities of snow. As the snowpack melts, the rivers will swell - creating plenty of whitewater.
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Monday, June 02, 2008

Key West Hotel Bargains, Deals, & Discounts

Key West hotel rates are coming down, and this is good news for local businesses and visitors alike.

Over the past couple years, as Key West saw many hotel rooms go offline during renovations and conversions to condominiums (and hotel-miniums), room rates went to all-time highs.

Now, most of those hotel rooms are back online and rooms rates have come back down to earth.

And if you are looking for a bargain, visiting Key West this summer will save you a lot of money.

A search of discounts and deals for Key West hotels show bargains (we used ) look for the Key West specials and deals link with the red save tag):

  • Old Town bed & breakfast inns as low as $129 per night
  • Four-star Old Town resorts as low as $179 per night
  • and super-budget rooms on the island at under $100!

This more than makes up for the $30 extra it will cost in gas for the average car to drive here from the mainland.

Summer is a great time to visit Key West. Room rates are low, it's less crowded, and the fishing is excellent.

Plus, the sea temperature is warm and very comfortable, at least 80 degrees, and you can snorklel, swim, and dive to your heart's content.
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