Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Exactly What Jobs Has Morgan McPherson Created?

It's election season and the mailboxes are filling up with political propaganda.

I couldn't help but notice the District 120 Florida House race - pitting incumbant Ron Saunders with former mayor Morgan McPherson.

Today's McPherson mailer states:

"Morgan McPherson is a successful small businessman and job creator with the real-life business experience we need in Tallahassee."

The mailer lists his major accomplishments.  At the top is "President of the Florida Merchant Union, Representing South Florida".

Sounds impressive - doesn't it?

So what is the Florida Merchant Union?

Whatever it is, it was incorporated on Tuesday, February 09, 2010 -  four days after he filed his candidacy document.

Visiting the website of Florida Merchant Union shows a one page website deviod of contact information, phone number, address, or any evidence of a serious business. (click here for a Google search for Florida Merchant Union).

McPherson's effort to recast himself as a successful businessman may be a bit of stretch.  Especially if voters recall his brushes with foreclosure that the Miami Herald reported last year.

"Restore fiscal responsibility"?  How about just tell us exactly what jobs he has created.

You decide.

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