Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poll: Do YOU Like The Water Park Idea?

I'm still mystified by the mayor's idea for a "water park" at the Truman Waterfront.

I haven't met a local who likes the idea. The Citizen's Voice, our local anonymous rant column in the newspaper, is filled with people questioning the rational of a water park.

Who knows? Maybe it's all a move to freak out the Truman Annex crowd - something like: Put up a gate on Southard Street?! Fine! We'll build an amusement park next door!

But seriously, let's hear YOUR opinion:

If you can, let others know about the poll so we can get as many opinions as possible. And feel free to add your comments to this blog post to discuss the water park idea further.
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Key West Street View Now Available on Google Maps

Street View, a Google Maps project photo-documenting the streets of the world, is now available for Key West.

To see the images:
  • Go to and search/zoom to Key West.
  • Click the grey "Street View" button on the upper right corner of the map.
  • Next, you'll see blue highlighting on the streets that have images in Street View. Click anywhere on a highlighted street to see the images Google has captured. (Also, you can drag the yellow human icon to a place you are interested in.)
  • Once you see an image, navigate along the streets using the arrows overlayed on the pictures.
You never know who (or what!) you might see. And this has a few privacy advocates concerned. In response, Google has implemented a face-blur technology that prevents most people from being recognized.

Pretty cool technology.
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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Make Them Pay for Sending You Junk Mail

Annoyed by the never-ending credit card offers filling your mailbox?

Wouldn't it be great to make them pay for sending you all that junk?

You can!

Inside every credit card offer is a return envelope - postage to be paid by the credit card company. Mailing this envelope doesn't cost you anything - the credit card company pays for the postage. And depending on the envelope's weight, the more you send them, the more they pay. (My research says you can send up to 70 pounds!)

Here are a few ways to increase their cost:
  • Stuff the envelope with their entire bloated solicitation, and a note saying "please do not mail me anything".
  • Stuff the envelope with other junk mail that you think they may be interested in: Publix fliers, Penny Savers, or fifty Cabela's catalog pages...whatever you can fit into the envelope.
  • Stuff the envelope with an advertisement for your business. Of course they won't be buying anything, but the irony is sweet.
  • or get nuts with the idea, like this guy, and tape the return envelope to a box with something heavy inside.
The credit card companies will likely keep sending you offers.

But maybe one day, if enough people do this, the credit card companies will relent and leave our mailboxes alone.
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