Thursday, August 27, 2009

WOO HOO! Huge Sale On My Favorite Flip Flops - 80% Off w/ FREE SHIPPING

When it comes to footwear, Key West is definitely a flip flop town.

I pretty much live in mine.

My favorite flip flops are made by Simple (sorry Reef sandals).

Simple flip flops are super durable, have a firmer sole than Reef's, and don't succumb to the dreaded flip flop funk (imagine if you kept your kitchen sponge for a year...that's what happens to the squishy reef soles). My first pair of Simple flip flops lasted nearly a year and my feet were super happy.

The only negative is price. You pay for the quality. Simple flip flops are usually around $50 a pair.

But right now, Simple is offering a HUGE sale. I just purchased two pairs of flip flops for 80% off retail price. And the shipping is FREE!

You can check out the sale at:
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Key West to Cuba Race Planned

A sailboat race from Key West to Cuba (& back) is planned for November of next year.

Small & fast catamarans (18-24 feet) will begin racing at the White Street Pier, covering 95 miles to Marina Hemingway, Cuba. Racers will spend a couple days in Cuba on a mission of cultural exchange focused on sailing. The return trip to Key West is another 95 mile race.

Race organizers have set up a Google groups site at: . You can read more about it there.

I swear, if you listen hard enough, you can hear the Cuban travel embargo leaning over, creaking past the tipping point, ready to fall at any momemt. A political Leaning Tower of Piza if you will. (Yes, I'm aware the Piza Tower has been stabilized).

One has to wonder if the travel ban has in effect been left to expire.

If nothing else, the government no longer wants to defend it.

Take a look at this story about Mytchell Mora - an American who traveled illegally to Cuba and announced that fact upon his return at U.S. Customs. He's hoping to challenge the travel ban in court. Instead, Customs sent him home - without punishment, and with his Cuban souveneirs.

Meanwhile, OFAC, the branch of government in charge of enforcement of Cuba travel rules, is losing funding in a move to quietly deflate the policy.
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