Friday, February 26, 2010

Think It's Cold? Here Are The Numbers.

Brrrr.  It's chilly.

Yet, suprisingly, when you look at the statistics, the past two months in Key West are only six degrees colder than normal.

Take a look at this chart of Key West's typical weather, with the 2010 stats added for comparison (statistics provided by NOAA/NWS).

2010 is definitely off to a cold start.

January 2010 saw an average high temperature of 69.4, and an average low temperature of 59.1 - a departure from normal of -6.1 degrees.

February 2010, so far has had an average high temperature of 70.2 and an average low of 60.4 - a departure from normal of -5.3 degrees.

Funny that a few degrees can be so dramatic in Key West.  Maybe it's due to Key West's steady daily climate: regardless of the time of year, Key West usually sees only a 10 degree difference between daily high and low temperatures.  Six extra degrees is a 60% change - explaining why the locals are dressed like Himalayan sherpas.

Regardless, Key West remains the warm spot in the U.S. - a break from true northern cold where six degree differences are barely noticed.
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