Friday, January 14, 2005

Author Annie Dillard Pens Poem on Key West Development

Local Key West resident and Pulitzer prize winning author Annie Dillard has witnessed first hand the rapid and drastic changes underway on the tiny island. In today's Solares Hill, a Key West newspaper printed once weekly, a poem by the writer comments on the state of her community.
Annie Dillard's Doggerel
From down Duval you see
A strand of open shore.
If a motel grows three stories
This grandeur we'll see no more.
Everywhere big buildings rise-
This fact fills me with awe-
Some few must have influence:
It's all within the law.
The scene gets poorer, while the rich
Find legal loops to use.
Richer yet, they still die bare-
Having wrecked, for all, the views.
The developer wants, the developer wants
The developer wants some more.
We can't say no! The city says:
Take wetlands, woods and shore.
HARC. HARC. The lark.
Contents itself with knickknacks.
HARC and TDC and Planning-
Could they be taking kickbacks?
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