Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jimmy Buffett to Play Live in Key West

Despite what many tourists believe, Jimmy Buffett rarely plays live in Key West. And when he does, there is never any advance notice - meaning you never get to see him.

Funny - you live in Key West and you never get to see Jimmy Buffett. Everywhere else, he comes around every summer.

Until now.

The Today Show is promoting Key West as an American vacation destination and will be filming an entire 4-hour morning show on our little tropical island.

As part of the production, Jimmy Buffett will play a live 30-minute concert on May 5, 2009 starting at 8:30 am.

The mini concert will be at either the Westin Resort or Mallory Square.
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Anonymous said...

Man, I wish they wouldn't do that. When is the big taping event for the Today show?

Cayo Dave said...

LOL. Why don't you want them to "do that"?
The taping will be on May 5.
Jimmy Buffett is slated to perform at 8:30 am.

Anonymous said...

Just our luck! We arrive in Key West on the 6th! We can't touch a Jimmy Buffett ticket in the Detroit Area for under $125 and that is for the lawn. Enjoy the concert, hope he sings Boat Drinks and the King of Somewhere Hot just for us! John & Louise