Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Citizen's Voice - Key West's bitch session.

As Hunter S. Thompson said, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" (or something like that). Sometimes I call this place Key Weird. Then again sometimes I call it Key Wasted, Key Greed, and Key Shitfaced. But when it gets strange, I call it Key Weird. Someone once said to me "now and then, it's o.k. to have your own little freak show". This place revels in the off-beat.
A wonderful reflection of the communities character and almost as enjoyable as a fresh grouper fillet is the daily installment of Key West's bitch-session, The Citizen's Voice. This is a column on page two of our local paper The Citizen.
The paper describes it this way: Citizen's Voice is a forum for you to tell us what's on you mind.
Every day, fifteen or so quotes are published from calls and e-mails to the paper's Voice Line. They range from well thought out observations to neighborhood squabbles. Some comments are so inane it's a wonder that the commenter could operate the phone.
Each day I and going to try to pick out a nugget, the best quote or two of the day, and share it with Key West Chronicle readers. Spelling errors in the column are quite common and will not be corrected.

In today's Citizen's Voice:
"A huge motor home with a trailer hauling a golf cart was parked in the free residential parking on United St. At Duval with the generator running. The ticket on the windshield was for $175. They're from South Carolina, will they pay? Why were they allowed to take up the parking spot for two days?"

"I think it is a shame that our government wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars and diverted Homeland Security personnel to the prosecution of two average Key West citizens who had the gumption to organize a sail boat race to Cuba. Trading with a terrorist country? Come on, get real."

"To all the tourists who came for Fantasy Fest, thank you for leaving your money and not your trash."

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